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Kendall's fantasies

Kendall Payton has an active fantasy life; many of these she was able to fulfill with Paul Hughes, while others were merely discussed.

One of the first fantasies Kendall mentions to Paul was a rape fantasy (first alluded to in Book 2, Chapter 21). During Paul's spring break in 1980, he visits Kendall at UTK, and they spend a couple days in a cabin in the mountains owned by the family of one of her suitemates. The second night of their stay, Paul acts out this fantasy for Kendall, after making her select a safeword to stop the fantasy should Kendall wish to do so (she decides on "Cleopatra" as her safeword). During the scene, Paul physically overpowers Kendall, ties her up, cuts off her clothes and forces her to give him oral sex, then teases her until she begs for sex.

Kendall mentions to Paul during the Payton's stay at the Pines in the summer of 1980 that she would like to have sex with another man while Paul watches (the man she mentions is Dennis Raeford). When this fantasy is acted out with the Raefords, however, Susan, Beth and David Hughes are with them, acting as "chaperones". During the same swing party, Elaine Raeford acts out one of her own fantasies (a triple penetration).

During the first week of college, Paul goes over to visit with Kendall at her apartment, and they act out Kendall's fantasy of being the captured slave/concubine to a Roman nobleman, forced to submit to his every demand.

About a month into the school year, Kendall and Paul sign up to become models for UTK's Art Department, for a Life Drawing class instructed by Professor Siobhan O’Riordan; however, she only needs a male model immediately, so Kendall convinces Paul to take it. After Christmas, Kendall is given a modeling assignment, which she only has for a short time, as she gives it up to help Paul after his break-up with Gina after the Chi Omega Winter Formal.

A fantasy Kendall mentions, but never acts out, is one where Paul forces her to have sex on the dinner table in front of her entire family for Thanksgiving, first giving him a blowjob, then having Paul spread her out on the table and fucking her in front of everyone. While Kendall is aghast when questioned about this one, when Paul talks about it while having sex, Kendall is extremely turned on by it.

The next fantasy that Kendall acts out with Paul is first mentioned during the Truth or Dare game that starts out the preceding fantasy and actually happens during Christmas break, 1981, and involves Paul forcing Kendall to have sex with another woman, then all three having sex together (see The Proposed Threesome). While the original planning included Wren Hilliard, a friend of Paul's from Art History, it ended up getting acted out with a salesgirl in a high-end lingerie shop in Atlanta, and also becomes Paul's first knowledge of the effects of cocaine when both women use it during the course of the night.

A fantasy with a bit more preparation is mentioned during the ride back to UTK by Kendall, Wren and Paul, involving Paul using handcuffs to restrain Kendall and "have his way with her." Kendall has prepared for this fantasy by actually giving Paul a set of fur-lined handcuffs for Christmas, and they act it out, but not as Kendall expects. After Gina cancels a Friday night date with Paul, he calls Kendall and she talks him into a "D and B", to which he brings the handcuffs. However, the scene plays out with Paul first having sex with Kendall, then putting on the handcuffs and working Kendall to a frenzy, after which Paul inserts Kendall's new vibrator (a Christmas gift from Paul) into Kendall, turning it on and leaving her restrained to go out and get a pizza for their dinner. When Paul returns, Kendall is so turned on, she has several orgasms while Paul adds to her imagination by describing how Kendall wants to fuck her own father.

When Kendall and Paul visit Susan at the Pines for her birthday, she mentions a fantasy of having sex with up to 5 men at once. Similarly, before leaving school for the summer of 1982, Kendall mentions a fantasy of having Trip Whitman, Paul and even Kirk MacLean all having sex with her at once, then coming on her face at the end.

During Paul's early summer visit to the Pines in July, 1982, Kendall starts talking about a fantasy about starting a tradition over the 4th of July holiday involving having sex in a public place with Paul, which he adds to by suggesting Kendall be tied down and fucked first by Paul, then by all the men at the camp, while being filmed by Chris Coulter; the only objection by Kendall is the filming.

Kendall and Paul act out Kendall's fantasy about being a photographer's model and being forced to strip and have sex with the photographer on some vacant land not far from Trip's home in Franklin, TN, during the summer while Kendall is visiting Paul. Paul actually films this scene and gets the film developed to show Kendall later, but also shows Trip the pictures, leading to... Trip being the photographer the next time Kendall comes to visit, while Kendall and Paul have sex, with Trip being invited to join in and become part of a threesome.

After Paul and Kendall return to UTK in the fall of 1982, they act out a number of Kendall's fantasies, including Paul as a businessman who forced her to have sex to get a job. Another time Paul was a professor, and she needed to pass his class to keep her scholarship. Yet another had Paul as a doctor, with Kendall as a patient. Another time, she wanted Paul to be a police detective, who was supposed to “interrogate” her from behind and then make her suck his dick until he came on her face.

One of the last fantasies that was acted out was Kendall as a hitchhiker during the drive from UTK to the Pines for Stacy and Jason's wedding (Book 4, Chapter 9), being forced to perform sexual acts for a portion of the drive.

The last fantasy Paul was part of with Kendall involved Kendall "pulling a train" (having sex with all the men, one after the other) after the wedding rehearsal during the swing party. It is during this scene that Paul gets angry at Kendall's duplicity in their relationship, as well as her use of cocaine (which she lies about), and causes Paul to break up with her.

Of course, Kendall's ultimate fantasy involved finding someone who would be her mate and helper, while she was the breadwinner and stronger partner of their relationship. She always wanted Paul to fulfill this role, but never took into account what Paul wanted, so this fantasy was unfulfilled.

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